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Cocktail Deeva – EPIC iPhone App for the Ladies!

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1 part Cocktaildeeva
• 1 part Pocket Cocktails

Pocket Cocktails teamed up with award winning author, stylist, and humorist 
Dee Brun to produce the ultimate Girl’s Night Out App!

Cocktail Deeva makes the perfect app companion for the bittersweet dramas and disasters of the dating world.
Bartender extraordinaire Dee Brun doles out a charismatic blend of cheeky and insightful relationship advice
while guiding you on how to whip up the perfect drink for any situation like …

• Worried about your judgement? Make a Don’t Let me go Home with him Daiquiri!
• Trying to cut back on calories? Try a Control top Cosmopolitan!

With special expert tips on what to do in the event of emergencies like encountering clingy guys, mullets,
man boobs, or kankles, Cocktail Deeva will leave you shaking, mixing and stirring like a pro.

App Features Include:
• Drinks, Recipes and Deevaisms, divided into four categories:
It’s Not Me (It’s You), The Dating Pool, Trolling, and Trim Da Phat (Low Cal Cocktails) 
• Deeva’s Famous Dating Glossary
• Random Deeva… Shake to randomize cocktails and content, includes over a dozen Deeva sound-bytes. 
• Mark Cocktails and Quotes as Favorites, email them to your friends and frenemies. 
• Swipe left or right between drinks and items in iOS4 
• All app content is wrapped in Pocket Cocktails’ famous and easy-to use interface.

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Please Drink Responsibly.