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Cocktails for Mac

Containing nearly 500 cocktails and wines of the world, Cocktails for Mac contains a cornucopia of cocktail content.
The app features a wide variety of popular drinks with professional quality pictures, step-by-step preparation and
interesting cocktail trivia.

Featured cocktails are organized by topic, organized in dynamic 2 page spreads tailored to take advantage of the Mac’s
wide screen display.  Sour Martinis for example includes Apple, Peach, Raspberry, and Martini varieties along with
helpful garnishing tips and colorful introductory text.

The Mac’s extra screen real estate adds awesome new features, like multiple windows, which helps to more easily
access all of this amazing content” Additional exclusive features for this app includes a full-screen mode and integrated
search and random mode.

Not just a encyclopedia of cocktails, Cocktails for Mac also contains a complete integrated Mixologist guide. Learn how
to layer drinks, create garnishes, muddle, puree, zest and stock your bar, all with photos and clear, easy to read instructions.
The labs at Pocket Cocktails are hard at work making hundreds of new additional drinks this year, all of which are scheduled
to arrive in future free updates. New drinks included in this app include St. Patrick’s Day and Red Carpet award show favorites.

Cocktails for Mac is available for OS X, for $4.99 through the Mac App Store.